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Tips To Spend A Lazy Sunday Afternoon In Melbourne

Alice Lombard   July 22, 2015   Comments Off on Tips To Spend A Lazy Sunday Afternoon In Melbourne

Come Sunday and you feel like unwinding yourself and lazing around the entire day. You feel like kicking away all your stress, sleep and bask in a holiday mood. However, you might also feel to engage in some exciting dos in a lazy Sunday afternoon to invigorate yourself and revamp your mood. You would certainly need a new dose of energy and revitalise yourself for the hectic coming week again. So, here is how you can spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon and restore your energy and mood for the coming week.

Hair spa

Relax at a friendly and standard parlour in Melbourne. You can make prior appointment for the salon session or book online to pamper and treat your hair. The professional hair stylists would pamper your hair while you relax in the salon. Also, you would feel confident and beautiful with the makeover that would keep you inspired throughout the week. For instance, you can opt for tape hair extensions Melbourne salon while you make yourself comfortable in the soothing environment.

Skin revitalising

You can also uplift your mood on a Sunday afternoon by relaxing over a salon or a spa. This would revitalise your mind, body and soul. Treat yourself in a leading parlour or a spa. Besides revamping your hair style by tape hair extensions Melbourne salon, salons can also treat your skin. This would be a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. Also, the leading parlours would have skilled professionals to do up your makeup and skin treatment to make you beautiful from within.  Visit this link for more information regarding tape hair extensions in Melbourne salon.


Have a lavish Sunday brunch with your family. Also, you can go out for a delicious Sunday lunch and drink in Melbourne with your close buddies. This is one day when you can spend the day at your will. In Melbourne, there are ample of standard and classy restaurants and eateries and you can relish a lip-smacking brunch.

Movie flick

Why not catch up on a latest movie with your partner or your close buddies? Well, you can also choose to laze around over an old Hollywood flick with your family.


Another option is to doze off for the entire afternoon. You would certainly not get this fabulous chance to take a comfortable and cosy afternoon nap on your weekdays. So, take a good nap.

Watch your family photo albums together

The albums may be kept away in the closet for years due to lack of time. These photos may be piling up dust as you do not have spare time to flip through the photos. This Sunday afternoon can be the best time to switch off glaring lights, pull on the curtains, switch on fluorescent bulbs, turn on soothing music and flip through the albums with you close ones and walk down the memory lane once again.


Redefine The Beauty Of Your Hair By These Amazing Unique Hair Weaves

Alice Lombard   July 10, 2015   Comments Off on Redefine The Beauty Of Your Hair By These Amazing Unique Hair Weaves

Looking gorgeous is the dream of every woman on earth, isn’t it? Hair is the most essential aspect of a women’s beauty. If you have healthy hair, you can try various different styles and look lovely. The good thing is that, even if your hair is not healthy or lush enough, there are excellent hairstyling solutions that can help you get back your good old looks.

To help you look lovely, different types of weave hair is available in the market. Such type of excellent weave hair not only add a charming look to your ordinary hair, but also gives your personality a new look.

One of the most famous types of weave hair is virgin hair. This kind of hair can be treated with different colours and also used for several installs. Micro bead hair extensions Melbourne offer a variety of unique weave hair that can suit best to any kind of textures.

The following are some of the most well known weaves that comes in different wave patterns and are characterized by specific textures. So, opt for Micro bead hair extensions now to give an ultimate look to your personality in the form of such lovely hair extensions.

Some Wonderful Types of Weave Hairstyles

Malaysian Hair: Basically, this kind of hair is very tender and it easily blends with the silky hair and relaxed textures. Moreover, it can be easily managed and possess a delightful shine of its own. To add some more charm, they can even be flat ironed for a perfect straight look.

Peruvian hair: It offers multi-purpose textures and blends best with relaxed, medium, natural, and coarse Caucasian textures of hair. The benefits of this type of hair are immense. It is really light in weight, luxurious, and free flowing. They can also be easily managed.

Indian hair: These hairs generally have the thickest textures. Indian hair comes with natural shine and is immensely textured, so it can be the best option for the natural women or the ones, who want a natural and elegant look. It comes in a wide array of styles such as wavy, straight, and tight curly. It requires very less maintenance too!

Eurasian hair: Generally, this kind of hair is relatively thicker, smooth, silky, and can be the perfect choice for the relaxed hair.
Brazilian hair: This can likely be the ideal texture for the African American women. The texture is very thick, full, and looks fabulous. Most of the women just love the feel and look that it gives.

In essence, the above styles are some of the most well known ones to give you amazing results. So, just pick the ones that best suits you and you are all set to be gorgeous!

Recover From Injuries Faster Than You Ever Thought Was Possible

Alice Lombard   July 2, 2015   Comments Off on Recover From Injuries Faster Than You Ever Thought Was Possible

There has recently been a lot of hype about what is called the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, a preparation known for amazing effectiveness in treating numerous injuries. Some of the world-famous sport icons, such as Rafael Nadal, have sought this treatment to deal with their injuries, rather than seeking out physical therapy or surgery. So far, many athletes have confirmed that this kind of a treatment will allow them to recover from their injuries much faster. You may be wondering what this is, and how does it work, as well as whether or not it is effective. You have come to the right place for your answers. Click here to find out more!

It comes from the blood

The treatment known as PRP relies on blood as the primary resource. The key feature of this plasma is the fact that it contains much more platelets than what you would typically find in blood. We are talking about 5 or 10 times larger amounts. To prepare for the procedure, the blood needs to be drawn from you. The platelets will be separated from the other components, and will be dramatically increased through a procedure known as the centrifugation. After this has been done, the multiplied platelets will be combined with the rest of the blood.

It may take several treatments before you feel better

This concludes the preparation stage of the PRP treatment, and in order to heal any of the injuries you may have suffered, the enhanced blood is accurately injected into the area that has been injured. After the treatment, you may feel that the pain is slightly larger than what you felt before, but it will eventually subside, and with repeated treatments, you may feel the effects finally taking place. Although it hasn’t quite been confirmed what exactly this treatment could help you overcome, researches are currently being conducted to discover and evaluate the full effectiveness of this treatment. 

These treatments can help with a lot

Most notably, this kind of a treatment has been known to help with chronic tendon injuries, acute ligament and muscle injuries, knee arthritis and open fractures. It has also been used to help surgery recoveries for patients who have just been through a very exhausting procedure. What else this treatment could help you with is yet to be discovered. So far, its amazing potential has many athletes and sport enthusiasts around the world interested, some of them even being able to confirm that the effects of the treatment have been nothing but positive. Since this is quite a new area, it is still in full development so there are plenty of questions that still remain unanswered about the entire procedure. Eventually, the treatment will evolve further and new possibilities will be introduced as the area is explored further.