Opting For Trendy Hair Extensions? Know How To Care For These Extensions?

Alice Lombard   August 8, 2017   Comments Off on Opting For Trendy Hair Extensions? Know How To Care For These Extensions?

While you are thinking about expensive hair extension, make sure you have time to maintain the costly extension. Hair extension has become a new trend of women. Undoubtedly, beautiful, healthy, bright and long hair of women always attracts men.

Clip in or weft hair extensions are not at all a pocket-friendly treatment. But, it is worth it. After doing hair extensions you have to take care of your hair more than before as extended hairs do not contain natural oils which your natural hair has. That is why you must take extra care. Women opting for trendy hair extensions should know how to care for these extensions.

Always keep your tape hair extensions clean. As your extended hair do not contain natural oil, so you must apply oil to the root of the hair. After applying oil, you may feel the hair slippery, but it does not mean that you have to wash hair every time. Rather it is better to use dry shampoo for the sake of washing oil.

Make sure the products you are using for hair contain a limited amount of silicon. It is because extreme presence of sulphate may affect the growth of your hair.

Don’t forget to comb your hair every day. By brushing hair regularly, you may drive out broken hair. Make sure you are brushing the hair properly. Hold the brush from root of hair and pull it through the length.

As hair extension is an artificial process so it needs to be reapplied after a certain time. The bonds of hair with scalp become stronger and your hair will look healthier. There is no necessity of following a certain time period, but it is better to reapply in between one month. However, it also depends on the growth of your own hair.

It is better not to brush the hair after taking bath. While you brush wet hair, without holding it from its root, there is chance of slipping out the tape. So, try to ignore combing wet hair.

Try not to sleep with wet hair. While you sleep with wet hair there is chance of falling hair. So, before you sleep dry your hair with a dryer and tie it.

Use quality hair care products. If you use low quality products, then there is a high chance of damage in hair.