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The Deal About Cosmetic Surgeries

Alice Lombard   June 9, 2017   Comments Off on The Deal About Cosmetic Surgeries

When we hear the word surgery there’s an automatic level of fear created in our minds as we always think of surgeries where the body is cut open and stitched back leaving us in a state of being wounded. But, surgeries lately have not been merely for medical purposes, but also for cosmetic purposes as well. Many people who are looking forward to giving a smooth edge to their bodies are now engaging in many cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

As the matter goes on, there has been countless debate on the topic of cosmetic surgeries as some people agree that it is a good way to enhance your beauty while some others think it is a waste of our natural beauty and money. We believe that it is two folds, as nothing good comes without some bad repercussions as well.

The good things about cosmetic procedure

The people who are interested in these are the ones who are looking forward to giving them an edge of beauty by reducing a cosmetic imbalance in them and making things look newer and better. Truly as opposed to certain skin care products and hair care products that are directly applied to the skin or swallowed as pills cosmetic procedure tends to have a lesser impact on the human.

Procedures such as eyelid surgery are one-off which means the impact that it creates is one off too. This is better than an applied product or swallowed in product as the latter can permanently damage the liver or the skin of a person.Also, most procedures are pain free and are suitable for people even with certain types of skin allergies and sensitive skin conditions.

They are in most cases performed by trained doctors within hospitals reducing the risk as opposed to medicines and lotions which are recommended and given to be used by beauticians and stylists. The results that are obtained by cosmetic procedure are more long lasting and can generate the results to last you for very many years which is bound to save your funds and time spent on similar.breast augmentation surgery

The bad things about cosmetic procedure

Cosmetic as any other surgical procedure can have repercussions which are not welcome. People do cosmetic procedure for many different purposes including simple things like doing minor face lifts and major things such as breast augmentation which is a complicated cosmetic procedure and requires a lot of time and effort. Minor procedures are bound to have lesser impacts on people as opposed to larger scale procedures which are generating bigger and more serious impacts on the human body.

Many of these procedures use laser beams which will mutate the natural context of the place and create newer and desired context. However, the mutation process can lead to cell mutations which can ultimately result in cancers of different body parts. Complicated procedures sometimes require more and more frequencies to be done and to get to exactly what is needed it might take so much time.

Cosmetic procedure are anyway comparatively expensive than regular medicine and skin care exterior applications. A cosmetic procedure not done properly can lead to many complicated procedures within the human body where complete ignorance can result even in the death of a person. As everything else cosmetic procedure too has its own goods and bad, and it is up to us to decide whether we are going ahead with it or not. However, caution is needed whatever your decision is.