The Beauty Regimen For The Bride

Alice Lombard   September 4, 2017   Comments Off on The Beauty Regimen For The Bride

The wedding day is the biggest day for most people – women especially. The bride is usually the flower of the day, the main centre of attention, and accordingly, it is quite important to make sure that she looks her very best on this special day (both for herself, and the event of course!). However, most brides tend to look a bit weary on the big day – and this usually is the result of countless sleepless nights of preparations and worry. However, are you sure that you do not want to be your best self on this day? Probably not – you certainly want to be glowing and radiant. Below are some of the most important steps to ensure that you won’t suffer from any bodily mishaps on the big day!


Overall health – many brides find themselves either tired, exhausted or somewhat emotionally charged (in a negative way) on the wedding day – often due to pimple outbreaks or whatnot. To begin with, the easiest way to ensure that you will meet the necessary metabolic requirements of your body is to first adjust your diet! Make sure to take in balanced and proper meals throughout the months before your wedding, and add a multivitamin a day to ensure that whatever is not met by your meals is somehow met. You will find yourself much healthier on the wedding day.

Face – wedding hair and makeup are one of the most important aspects of the bride’s checklist. To ensure that your face won’t be discoloured or suffering from a pimple outbreak, a good idea is to begin regular facial treatments at least six months ahead. If you have severe cases of outbreaks or so, meeting a dermatologist in this time frame is a good idea: he or she will recommend you creams and other applications to calm down your hormones. Otherwise, regular moisturization and the basics can easily ensure that your face will be radiant on the wedding day.

Hair – the next point to focus on is hair: to ensure your hair and makeup artist won’t have a hard time taming your looks, make sure to revitalize your hair. If you are suffering from broken or split ends, the best option is to cut your hair and allow it regrow (and thus, if you want long hair, you’ll better do this in advance). Vitamin E treatments are ideal for rejuvenating your scalp and hair roots, so slip in a few capsules every month or so while applying hair oil.

Beyond the above must-dos, remember to take care of the rest of your body as well – your neck and shoulders (which are usually exposed, but oft ignored), your legs, your feet and basically, every inch of your body! Dieting is fine, but make sure to do it properly – never starve yourself and make sure to sleep well!